Welcome to my website.

I am Ian Gough, author of multi-genre stories and co-host of the Twitter #7DayTale writers game. I’m also the creator of the Core Lands fantasy novels series. Here you can find information about my books, what I’m currently working on, and get an insight into what’s taking place in the alternative world of the Core Lands. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Latest News

In 2022 #7DayTale begins with a week of getting to know you and self-promotion. Join us, Monday the 10th of January using Twitter #7DayTale and have fun by answering a question each day.

1. Introduce yourself, tell us about your writing

2. Tell us about your latest WIP?

3. What did you read in 2021 that you liked?

4. Do you have anything published? Share a link!

5. Share an excerpt of your current WIP or published work

6. Do you have a website or blog? Share the link!

7. What are your writing goals for 2022?

The full #7DayTale writing prompt game will return in full for February, giving a theme and prompts to create a story in 7 days using 7 tweets, one per day.

If you’d like to join but don’t know what to do, or need a quick refresher of the instructions, please check out my #7DayTale blog post, or contact me via my Twitter page.


Get the latest Core Lands novel here: Welcome to the Carnicus

A mystical amulet is stolen from a wizard’s tower.

The daughter of a lord is kidnapped.

And Gristle the pot-bellied pig is missing.

Private Investigator Scond is tracking the clues, all of which point to the sinister Ringmaster and his band of nefarious Carni-folk. But all is not as it seems…

A fantasy book full of mystery, intrigue, and a smattering of humour, Scond and his faithful apprentice Flotsan are on the case and ready to save the day. Along with a full supporting cast of dwarves, fire eaters, acrobats, and enough greasepaint to smother an army of clowns – Welcome to the Carnicus.

My First Podcast

I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in my first ever podcast with the amazing Rachel Poli and Ari Meghlen hosts of the #TheMerryWriterPodcast.

The episode is a discussion about both the good and bad writing advice we have come across and you can listen to it here:



Enjoy and thanks for listening.