If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll know that along with Sarena Flanigan, I’m the co-host of the #7DayTale writer’s game. Each month we post a theme and a set of prompt words for writers, authors, or anyone that likes to create, or read stories.

Open to all genres, it’s the perfect way to try out new writing ideas, whether sharing a flash fiction piece, a snippet from a current work in progress (WIP), reciting some poetry, or experiment with a brand new story idea.

#7DayTale also gives readers a place to see new stories each month provided by a number of exciting new and existing writers.

How did it come about?

During my time on Twitter, I’ve taken part in a lot of great # writing games, discussing all aspects of writing and sharing clips of my stories. I’ve connected with many amazing writers and enjoyed the games so much that it got me thinking. Would it be possible to create a whole story on Twitter, still keeping within the set character limits?

I decided the best way to find out was to give it a shot and so #7DayTale was born.

How does #7DayTale work?

The idea is to write a story, a poem, flash fiction, or share a piece of writing across 7 days using only 7 tweets, posting one tweet every day for a week.

The game begins on the first Monday of every month and there are no genre limitations. All we ask is that you remain respectful to others in the content of your posts.

Apart from that, all you need to do is post your one tweet a day at any time that suits you, including the hashtag #7DayTale. It helps if you can create a thread of your daily posts (ie. add each installment as a “comment” on your previous one), so people can easily read the whole story at the end of the week. This will then build perfectly to the conclusion of your story on the final day.

As a guide, stories usually end up about 300 words in total.

To help with inspiration, we provide a monthly theme and three optional prompt words that you can choose to use (bonus points may be available), or if you prefer not, then write what feels comfortable to you.

How can I join?

It couldn’t be easier. We’ll send reminder tweets a week before the next game starts linked to #7DayTale. Look out for the prompts and you can join the # each or any month that you want to.

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When does it take place?

#7DayTale begins the first Monday of every month and both Sarena and I will post reminders on Twitter the week before it starts. To give us all time to get back into the writing groove after the festive season, we’ve decided to start January’s on the 11th just this once. After that, each subsequent game will start on the first Monday and the full list of planned dates for 2021 is as follows:

     January 11th               February 1st               March 1st

     April 5th                      May 3rd                      June 7th

     July 5th                       August 2nd                September 6th

     October 4th               November 8th             December 6th

Who owns the story once it’s out there?

You do. The story is yours and it will always be as far as 7DayTale is concerned. All the rights to your stories remain with you, so only share what you are comfortable with sharing.

Do be aware, however, that by posting your stories into a public space such as Twitter, others might be inspired to use similar ideas to yours. This we leave to you to decide upon what you’d like to share.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact Sarena or me, by leaving a comment on our websites or via Twitter, quoting 7Day day in your question heading.


A huge thank you to everyone who has already played #7DayTale in 2020 and Sarena and I are both really looking forward to reading more of your amazing stories in the future.

This game is about writing, connecting with others, and finding inspiration together, so I hope you’ve been encouraged to join us for the next #7DayTale.

Happy writing.


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