Boogie Wonderland



There are some stories, that when I write them, give off a good vibe and are just fun. I originally wrote this one some time ago, as a submission for a writing prompt competition. As per usual for me, I had no idea of the story until I spotted the prompt words, and let my creative mind do its thing. In the end, the story danced onto the page in a couple of hours. I enjoyed writing it so much that I’ve decided this might be a good time to share it. I hope you all enjoy reading the story, as much as I had fun writing it.


Boogie Wonderland


“Boogie Wonderlaaaannd!” Thelma screamed at the top of her lungs, the flared bottoms of her trousers swinging back and forth as she kicked her legs vigorously.

“Will you stop that!” hissed Fred. “You’re embarrassing yourself.”

“Don’t be such a grump. It’s Earth, Wind, and Fire, baby. The greatest disco group of all time. Loosen up and live a little.”

Thelma continued gyrating her hips and danced around him in a taunting circle.

“Never mind that, if you don’t stop dancing, I swear I’ll pour a bottle of water over you.”

“You’re such a square,” she reached for his hand but he pulled it back. “Come on, let’s do the fly,” she giggled.

“I hate that dance. Besides, people are staring at us,” the grit of his teeth caused his lips to thin. “If I’d know how much of an attention seeker you could be, I’d never have brought you here. You’re making a spectacle of us both in front of everyone.”

Thelma rubbed herself up against him, then jumped back and threw her arm up, completing her best Saturday Night Fever pose. “Oh wow, this is a great one,” she squealed as an old lady shuffled past, a wry smile spreading over her face. “Jive talkin’, telling no lies!”

“If you don’t stop it, we’ll get thrown out.”

“Course we won’t. Anyway, life’s too short and you never know what’s waiting round the corner,” Thelma paused for a moment, staring deep into his eyes. “Don’t you ever just want to let your hair down, and have a little fun? Come on, join in. We’re not hurting anyone.” She held out her hand.

“But we’re standing in the bargain aisle of the supermarket. Not…”

Thelma grasped his fingers, gave them a little wriggle, and smiled. Fred couldn’t help but see the joy in her eyes. Sighing, he knew when Thelma hit her boogie, there was no way to contain her. Pushing the shopping trolley aside, they spun along the frozen food section, dancing and gyrating past the freezers.

Above them the tannoy announcement system music crackled and was cut off, replaced by the dull, droning voice of the store manager, delivering his somber message.

“I would ask that all shoppers please refrain from dancing in the aisles. It is a matter of consideration for others, and of health and safety. Thank you.”

Thelma and Fred fell into each other’s arms, giggling in wild abandon. On either side of them, a collection of bemused shoppers stopped handling the produce, giving them both a rapturous burst of appluase.

“You see,” Thelma’s eyes gleamed, “Boogie Wonderland baby.”



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