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Welcome to the Carnicus

A mystical amulet is stolen from a wizard’s tower. The daughter of a lord is kidnapped, and Gristle the pot-bellied pig is missing.

Private Investigator Scond is tracking the clues, all of which point to the sinister Ringmaster and his band of nefarious Carni-folk. But all is not as it seems…

Full of mystery, intrigue, and a smattering of humour, Scond and his faithful apprentice Flotsan are on the case and ready to save the day. Along with a full supporting cast of dwarfs, fire eaters, acrobats, and enough greasepaint to smother an army of clowns. Welcome to the Carnicus.

The Ballad of Hubert WelIs

Humble kitchen servant, Hubert Wells, dreams of a life full of adventure. Sent to town on a routine errand, he meets the noble Lady Delilah and during a fractious journey back, they are set upon by a gang of outlaws. The encounter puts them all in mortal danger and changes Hubert’s life forever.

Filled with action, suspense, magic, plot twists, a generous sprinkling of humor, and a potato peeler? The Ballad of Hubert Wells is the most fun you can have in another realm!

A Core Lands Novella.

Lotan the Librarian

In a time of legends, an ancient prophecy predicted a chosen one would come and become the one true king of Capricus. At this moment a hero was needed…but we couldn’t find one, so had to make do with a Librarian instead.

Seriously! A Librarian, are we that desperate…??

This fantasy/comedy brings together a delightful collection of quirky characters, including a scheming lord, a collection of bumbling assassins, and our reluctant hero Lotan.

Fantasy Unbound

Fantasy stories have always existed: Epic tales of the fanciful and fantastic are evidenced throughout history, bringing a little whimsy into our lives in one form or another.

Featuring the works of Elizabeth-Rose BestIan GoughMae McKinnon, and introducing new talents Kris Hawley and A. R. Lachance, this collection of twenty-one stories explores the genre’s spectrum from quaint and curious fairy tales to dark urban fantasy. Whether you read fantasy to escape, to relax, to learn, or just on a whim, you’ll find some kind of magic in Fantasy Unbound.

Tricks or Treats – UPDATE COMING 2023


A creepy assortment of spine-tingling short stories told to us by the kindly old Gentleman Mr. Abercrombie.



The Second Corona Book of Horror

We’ve put our hearts and souls into The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories and, it’s safe to say, the contributing authors have put their blackest hearts and darkest souls into their stories. From childhood to old age … to death … and beyond, different voices, different perspectives, old horrors in new lights, and new horrors for your delight. The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories has it all. 17 stories were selected following a worldwide call for submissions that celebrate the very best in new horror writing.

Includes Masterpiece, by Ian Gough.


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