Dawning of a Website

Since what feels like the dawning of time (well for a year at least), I’ve been dithering over whether to have a website. I definitely wanted one, but would I be able to make the amazing creation my imagination hoped for, or would it finish up looking like a five-year-old with a packet of dull crayons, scribbled random colors on sheets of toilet paper? In the end, I decided the only way to find out, was to go for it.

So, “What can I expect to find on your website?” I can hear all two of you asking.

It’ll come as no great surprise, there’ll be details and links to my novels and stories. I am a writer after all, so if you expected to see YouTube videos of cats playing Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano, I’m sorry to disappoint – although those sound amazing!

While fantasy is my main genre (serious or otherwise), I write a variety of stories plucked ripe from my fertile crop of nurtured ideas whatever the subject, and I’ll keep the site up to date with what I’m up to.

For my main series of books, I’ve created a fantasy continent known as the Core Lands. For that reason, I’ll explain a little about my world and add some details that either slipped from the pages of my stories, or I wrote just for the fun of it.

I’ll also blog every so often. Subjects may vary from sharing my writing journey, snippets of what I’m working on, or slices of general silliness. If there’s something you like me to blog about you can always drop me a suggestion (nice ones only please), using my contact page, or seek me out on that Twitter thingy.

My future page is not to be confused with a place where I read palms, tarot cards, or rub the crystal ball on my mantlepiece, but where I hope to tempt you a taste of my upcoming stories. I often juggle a few projects at once and I’ll share the ones I intend will end up on a flickering eBook screen, or eventuality bound together in print, ready to be thumbed through.

So, there you have it. I think I’ve talked enough for my first ever blog. Thanks for taking the time to read and for visiting my website.

I look forward to seeing you here again soon.


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  1. After reading a brief synopsis of the weather regulators with Tippi Potts roll on 2021 to read this. Just the escapism we need at the moment.

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