I’m always working on new projects, whether it’s a new novel or two, short stories, or maybe even a flash fiction piece. Here you can keep up to date with what I’m working on. I’ll try to give you a flavour of the project and what stage I’m currently at.

All author’s writing processes can vary but for me, I generally use three main stages.

Stage 1 – Drafting┬áThe first draft can take 3-6 months depending upon the size of the novel and is where the ideas come together.

Stage 2 – Editing. I make several edits, expanding the plot and getting into the depth of the characters, or deleting irrelevant parts of the story. Here’s where any major changes take place.

Stage 3 – Final edit. I have a final readthrough, check the flow of the story, plotlines, and make any minor changes. Once done, my novel should be in a good place and ready to read.

Projects in progress

Death Comes to Perrivale (A Core Lands Tale) – STAGE 2
EXPECTED – 2023/2024

Death has come to the sleepy little village of Perrivale. As each day passes the bodies pile up, murdered under suspicious circumstances. The accusatory finger of justice points in every direction and to make matters worse, supernatural forces leave the villagers with no means of escape. There is hope. Private Investigator Vannamir Scond and his assistant Flotsan have arrived, but can they get to the bottom of the mystery and put an end to this reign of terror? Or will they become victims themselves?


Tricks or Treats (Horror/Suspense) – Final Edit

A chilling collection of short stories with a twist, narrated by Mr. Abercrombie. The stories include Scarecrow, Buzz, The Candle, and more… Plus what is the secret of Mr. Abercrmbie’s own sinister past?


The Weather Regulators (A Core Lands Tale) – STAGE 2
EXPECTED – 2023 /2024

Tippi Potts dreams of working with dragons and to do that she must become a Weather Regulator. Apart from her best friend Remmil, no one else believes she can make it and throw barriers in her way. Determined to succeed Tippi will do whatever it takes to make her dream a reality, even if it puts the whole of the Core Lands at risk.